TBM Study Version: Mark 4:14-20

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TBM Study Version: Mark 4:14-20

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Explanation of the Parable of the Sower

    ο  σπειρων  τον  λογον  σπειρει
  the  scattering  the  word  scatters 
     Transliteration: ho speirōn ton logon speirei
14 The one sowing sows the word,


  ουτοι   δε   εισιν   οι   παρα   την  οδον   οπου
  these   but   are   the   along   the  path   where
  σπειρεται   ο   λογος   και   οταν   ακουσωσιν   ευθεως   ερχεται
  is scattered   the   word   and   when   they hear   without delay   he comes
  ο  σατανας   και   αιρει   τον   λογον   τον   εσπαρμενον
  the   Satan   and   takes away   the   word   the   having been scattered
  εν   ταις   καρδιας   αυτων      
  in   the   hearts   of them        
   Transliteration: outoi de eisin oi para tén odon opou speiretai o logos kai otan akousōsin eutheōs erchetai o satanas kai
   airei ton logon ton esparmenon en tais kardias autōn
15 but these are the path upon which the word is scattered: and When they hear, Satan
  immediately comes and takes away the word having been sown in their hearts


  και   ουτοι   εισιν   ομοιως   οι   επι  τα  πετρωδη
  and  these  are  equally  upon  the  the  rocky
  σπειρομενοι   οι   οταν   ακοθσωσιν   των   λογον  ευθεως  μετα
  are scattered  the  when  they hear  the  word  immediately  with
  χαρας   λαμβανοθσιν   αυτον          
  joy  receive  it         
   Transliteration: kai houtoi eisin omoiōs oi epi ta petrōdé speiromenoi oi otan akousōsin tōn logon eutheōs meta charas
   lambanousin auton
16 And these are the like - the rocky soil upon which the seeds are scattered - who,
   when they hear the word, immediately and with joy receive it,

    και  ουκ  εχουσιν  πιζαν  εν  εαυτοις  αλλα  προσκαιροι
   and not they have root in themselves but for a limited time
    εισιν  ειτα  γενομενης  θλιψεως  η  διωγμου  δια  τον
  are then having arisen tribulation or persecution through the
    λογον  ευθεως  σκανδαλιζονται          
    word without delay they fall away         
     Transliteration:kai ouk exousin rizan en eautois alla proskairoi eisin eita genomenés thlipseōs é diōgmou dia ton logon
  eutheōs skandalizontai
17 but only for a short time, and they have no root in themselves . Then, tribulation or
   persecution having arisen because of the word, they soon fall away.

    και  ουτοι  εισιν   οι  εις  τας  ακανθας  σπειρομενοι
    and these are  the  into  the  thorns  are scattered
    οι  τον  λογον   ακοθοντες       
    the the word  having heard       
     Transliteration: kai outoi eisin oi eis tas akanthas speiromenoi hoi ton logon akouontes
18 and these are the thorns among which the seeds are scattered: the ones having  
  heard the word

    και αι μεριμναι   του  αιωνος  τουτου  και  η
    and the cares  of the  of current age  this  and  the
    απατη του πλουτου   και  αι  περι  τα  λοιπα
    deceit  of the  of riches  and  the  about  the  other
    επιθυμιαι εισπορευομεναι συμπνιγουσιν   τον  λογον  και  ακαρπος  γινεται
    desires entering in they choke  the  word  and  barren  it becomes
     Transliteration: kai ai merimnai tou aiōnos toutou kai é apaté tou ploutou kai ai peri ta loipa epithumiai eisporeuomenai
  sumpnigousin ton logon kai akarpos ginetai
19 but the cares of this age, and the deceit of riches, and other desires intervene and choke
  the word, making it unfruitful

    και ουτοι εισιν   οι  επι  την  γην  την
    and these are  the  earth  the   
    καλην σπαρεντες οιτινες   ακουουσιν  τον  λογον  και  παραδεχονται
    good having been scattered  whoever  they hear  the  word  and  they receive
    και καρποφορουσιν εν   τριακοντα  και  εν  εξηκοντα  και
    and they produce fruit in  thirty  and  in  sixty  and
     Transliteration: kai houtoi eisin oi epi tén gén tén kalén sparentes oitines akouousin ton logon kai paradechontai kai
  karpothousin en triakonta kai en hexékonta kai en hekaton.
20 and these are the good earth upon which the seeds are scattered: all who
  hear the word, and welcome it, and bear fruit; thirtyfold, or sixty, or a hundred.

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